The Benefits of Cryptocurrency Lending

Cryptocurrency lending is becoming an increasingly popular way to make money with digital assets. By lending your cryptocurrencies to people or organizations, you can earn a steady passive income while still keeping your assets safe. But what are the real benefits of cryptocurrency lending? This article answers the question “what is crypto lending” and dives […]

7 Ways Cryptocurrency Can Transform Businesses

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Cryptocurrency is still a constant subject of conversation right now. It has progressed to the point where people look at it beyond its well-known affinity with Bitcoin and start considering it as a vital key for potential business transformation.  While the concept of cryptocurrency in business is still in its infancy, it is swiftly gaining […]

Crypto Business Ideas

In 2022, understanding what crypto currency is, how to buy it and where to store it will be second nature to many people. What will not be so commonplace is how to create a business idea around it. This is why we at BlockLink have curated an article discussing the various business ideas that one […]

How Much Does It Cost to Make an NFT?

How Much Does It Cost to Make an NFT

How much does it cost to produce an NFT? You hear about the most recent popular NFT collection that has just broken a record price, but what are the hidden costs of generating an NFT? If you’re unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency world, you’ve probably heard about mining NFTs and transaction fees, but have no idea […]

Understanding The Basics of NFTs

Understanding The Basics of NFTs

You’ve probably heard people trading, collecting, and making a load of money from NFTs. As cryptocurrency began spreading like wildfire as a medium of exchange, people realized that digital assets can also be sold and traded – from songs, videos, images, and even in-game items. As NFTs are all the rage across the internet nowadays, […]

Cryptocurrency for Small Business: An In-Depth Guide

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Cryptocurrency for Small Business: In-Depth Guide Have you thought about accepting bitcoin as a payment option for your business? As a small business owner, you’re always looking for new and innovative ways to grow your company. You may have heard about cryptocurrency and how it can be used to increase profits, but you’re not sure […]

What Is a Smart Contract?

What is a Smart Contract

What Is a Smart Contract? Smart contracts are quickly gaining popularity due to many people’s need to ensure that other parties comply with certain agreements. Each contract is made with a specific set of data that can’t be replicated, which also makes it very safe. People started using smart contracts over 20 years ago. However, […]

The Power of Decentralized Oracle Networks (And Why Farmers Love Them!)

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We’re going to dive into the importance of decentralized oracle networks, why they matter, and potential use cases for them. What is a decentralized oracle network? (in layman’s terms) A decentralized oracle network is essentially a middle man between the real world and the blockchain. It is a group of dispersed nodes (oracles) who gather […]

How to Buy NFTs and Where to Buy Them


The acronym NFT, pronounced “nifty,” stands for “non-fungible token.” Fungible means interchangeable, so if an item is fungible, it is replaceable, such as money, for instance. The replacement doesn’t have to be the same, but is of equal value, so 20 quarters is the same as a $5 bill, which makes money fungible. Know more […]

The Beginner’s Guide to OpenSea for Buying and Selling NFTs

Business owners having a meeting in the office about using OpenSea marketplace to support artists.

As Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) increase in popularity, many marketplaces are opening up to enable artists to sell their digital art and collectors to buy it. NFTs are unique tokens that are permanently attached to certain digital files. This means that when collectors buy those NFTs, they officially own the art pieces with which they’re associated. To […]